Triptych is an ongoing documentary project that contrasts images of the three places that have most affected my life so far - Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and New York. The project examines place, the qualities inherent to it, and how the details and characteristics of somewhere fit and compare to other places. Each location is very disparate - but also so similar when you get down to brass tacks or bricks in sidewalks, fence posts or blades of grass.

Our experience in a place shapes it, and that becomes what we see in that place. Triptych acts as a record to compare each of these personally influential areas and visually pinpoint their similarities or differences in the settings that have shaped my life so much.

Each triptych consists of one or more images from each state, revolving around a central theme. The photos were captured over the span of the last five years of my life spent in and around these significant spaces, and none of them were planned or staged. The patterns and comparisons or trends and themes between photos only came into relief while putting the project together, as I scrolled through the catalog of previously captured moments to carve out the visual memories and ideas of each place. 

Click each image for more detail. 

"Pennsylvania" -

(Row 1) Moth on Screen, Huntingdon; Spruces at the Side of the House, Franklin Township; Car in the Shed, Huntingdon

(Row 2) Alley and White Door, Huntingdon; Canopy, Huntingdon; Recliner, Huntingdon

(Row 3) Stoked; Huntingdon; Every Fall, Huntingdon; View of Porch and Dead Satellite, Huntingdon

"New Mexico" - 

(Row 1) Shiprock from the Car, NM Route 64 outside Shiprock; Cottonwoods in Electric Blue Storm, San Fidel; Kaweshtima, San Fidel

(Row 2) Sniffing Ozone, San Fidel; White Sands, White Sands National Monument; Ma and Lizard at the Malpais, El Malpais National Monument

(Row 3) Aspen Glow, San Mateo; Sun Cusp, San Fidel; Fajada at Sunset, Chaco Culture National Historic Park

"New York" - 

(Row 1) Manhattan Bridge from Rubina's, DUMBO; The Bustle of Nostrand, Crown Heights; Last Light, Crown Heights

(Row 2) From Pier 5, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights; On Pacific, Boerum Hill; On Roy's Old Roof, TriBeCa, New York

(Row 3) Shadow from the Mansion on New York Ave., Crown Heights; C-Train, New York; Brower Park in Summer, Crown Heights

"Daily Life, Pennsylvania" - 

(Row 1) Under the Deck, Franklin Township; Roof, Franklin Township; Our America, Huntingdon

(Row 2) Scattered, Franklin Township; Joe's Oak in Fog, Franklin Township; Hose at the Side of the House, Franklin Township

(Row 3) Steeple, Huntingdon; Field, Williamsburg; Birdhouse, Huntingdon

"Daily Life, New Mexico" - 

(Row 1) Back Door, Death Steps, San Fidel; Moon, San Fidel; Shadow on Broken Drawer, San Fidel

(Row 2) Trailer Shadow, Rainbow, Cottonwoods, San Fidel; Garage, San Fidel; Ecosystem, El Malpais National Monument

(Row 3) Convent and Shed, San Fidel; From Central San FidelSunrise on Adobe Corner, San Fidel

"Daily Life, New York" - 

(Row 1) SoHo Window and Taxi, SoHo, New York; St. Mark's and Bedford, Crown Heights, Brooklyn; At Work, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

(Row 2) Chinatown Lightpole, Chinatown, New York;Oven, Crown Heights, Brooklyn; The Chair in the Kitchen, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Row 3) Sunset on Park Place, Crown Heights, Brooklyn; Hibiscus, Crown Heights, Brooklyn; Up Brooklyn Ave., Crown Heights, Brooklyn

"Landscape"Backyard Thunderstorm at Home, Franklin Township, PA; Tent Rock Soldiers, Kasha-Katuwe National Monument, Cochiti Pueblo, NM; Sunset Skyline from Erica's Roof, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Fences"Manhattan through Barbed Wire, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Roadside Daisies, Huntingdon, PA; San Fidel Cemetery, San Fidel, NM

"Yellow" - Kitchen Chair at Home, Franklin Township, PA; Fall Cottonwoods at Sunrise, San Fidel, NM; Sunset on Brooklyn Children's Museum, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Curtains"Master Bathroom, Facing West, San Fidel, NM; Childhood Room, Facing West, Franklin Township, PA; Bedroom, Facing East, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Groups"Garage Door Leaves, Franklin Township, PA; Cold Cattle, San Mateo, NM; Hipsters in SoHo, SoHo, New York, NY

"Tree Portraits"White Pine Gone Orange, Huntingdon, PA; Bare Oak, Brower Park, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Aspens and Ponderosa Triad, Cloudcroft, NM

"Night"Couch-burning, Huntingdon, PA; End of Day; San Fidel, NM; Prospect Heights and World Trade Center, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Repetition" - Acoma Pueblo Vegas, Acoma Pueblo, NM; Brooklyn Building, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Along Martin Gap Road, Huntingdon, PA

"Reflections"From the Porch Door, Franklin Township, PA; Paula, Jake, and Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Trailer Window Sunset, San Fidel, NM

"Primary Colors"Yellow Van, Cubero, NM; Blue Van Reflection, Huntingdon, PA; Red Van Detail, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Home"110 Den Road, Franklin Township, PA; 37 San Jose Loop, San Fidel, NM; 770 St. Mark's Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Loners" - Sotol, Aguirre Springs National Monument, NM; Trunk, Huntingdon, PA; In the Fog, Chelsea, New York, NY

"Parallel Lines"Acoma Ladder with Corn, Acoma Pueblo, NM; Moth on Deck Chair, Huntingdon, PA; Chelsea Fire Escape, Chelsea, New York, NY

"Radials"Window Unit, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; 1:50, White Sands National Monument, NM; Backyard Fireworks, Huntingdon, PA

"Detritus"Sitting Room, San Fidel, NM; Picnic Table Still Life, Huntingdon, PA; Corner of St. Mark's and New York, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Vistas"The Rabbit Ears, Aguirre Springs National Monument, NM; Juniata River of Sorrows, Huntingdon, PA; Empire State, Manhattan, New York, NY

"Windows 1" - From the Stairwell, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Bathroom Screen, Huntingdon, PA; Old Town, Albuquerque, NM

"Windows 2"Sunset after Rain, Franklin Township, PA; Trailer Kitchen Curtains, San Fidel, NM; Brooklyn Tuesday, Afternoon, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Doorways"243 New York Ave., Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Porch Tableau, Huntingdon, PA; Aunt Lisa's, Albuquerque, NM

"Moons"July 4th, New London, PA; Framed Moon, Prospect Place, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Moonset, Backyard, San Fidel, NM

"Flora" On a Walk, Huntingdon, PA; Michael's Backyard, San Fidel, NM; Along Brooklyn Ave., Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Seasons" -

(Winter, row 1) Basketball, Brower Park, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Twins, Sandia Crest, Albuquerque, NM; The Tallest Pine in the Backyard, Franklin Township, PA

(Spring, row 2) The Juniata from the Cliffs, Huntingdon, PA; Tree and Windows, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Rainbow over Flower Mountain, San Fidel, NM

(Summer, row 3) Flag and Scaffolding, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Rear Window, Huntingdon, PA; Organ Mountain Portrait, Aguirre Springs National Monument, NM

(Fall, row 4) Above the Parking Spot, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Bare Branch and Puddle, Huntingdon, PA; Cottonwoods in Autumn, San Fidel, NM

"Street Scenes"St. Mark's and Nostrand, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Downtown San Fidel, San Fidel, NM; Washington Street, Huntingdon, PA

"123 Umbrellas"1, Union Square, Manhattan, New York, NY; 2, Kasha Katuwe, Cochiti Pueblo, NM; 3, Standing Stone Coffee Company, Huntingdon, PA

"Dusk"Birthday Fire, Huntingdon, PA; Trailer Scene, San Fidel, NM; Sunset Reflection, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Grass"Grass and Telephone Wire, Huntingdon, PA; Backyard Fencepost, San Fidel, NM; Walking the Dogs, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

"Birds" - Two Birds at Red Rocks, Gallup, NM; Squatter at the Knepps, Williamsburg, PA; Bushwick Pigeons, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

"Dots"Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY; Middle of the Road, Huntingdon, PA; Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM

"Shadows"Wood Beam Shadows, Acoma Pueblo, NM; In the Hallway at Home, Franklin Township, PA; Between Buildings, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Triptych opened as a gallery show at the Huntingdon County Arts Council in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania from August 15 - September 3, 2014.

For more info about the project or to order prints, please contact Sarah.